Respect for Everyone

Welcome to the Respect for Everyone Page!

What is Respect for Everyone? Respect for Everyone is an after school program in the making, run by two college students. We are McKenzie Fedyshyn and Colin Reilley. I came up with this idea back in June of 2016, shortly after I graduated high school. Already being the Founder of We Can Say No, I decided that I wanted to reach outside the bounds of my program a little, and add something different on the side. I decided to bring in my program partner, Colin Reilley, who is the CEO and Founder of Embl3m ( to join me in running the after school program.  After graduating I was able to truly reflect on my time in high school, and I realized a few important things: High School can be a very tough transition from Middle School. As can elementary to middle school.  I know that if I had more resources at my disposal my freshman year, and also seventh and eighth grade, that my transition in both settings would have been a lot smoother. Not to mention that being a teen in today’s world, can be very difficult at times.

Colin and I, after months of planning and rethinking our Respect for Everyone mission, came up with a perfect solution as to how we were going to run it. After talking with a few administrators and guidance counselors, it became apparent that a curriculum was going to be necessary in order for the program to be implemented and be a  success. We decided that our program was going to focus on seventh grade students at our local middle school, who are: struggling with any type of adversity, including bullying and sexual harassment, struggling with the transition from middle to high school and elementary to middle school, students who come from low-income families in the community, and also students who want to become leaders in the community and a role model for their peers.

What are our goals for the group? Our mission for our group of students is to get them to be slightly pushed out of their comfort zone in a safe manner, develop and build character, make friends, be leaders for TODAY, learn how to work as a team, but most importantly to have the group become a supportive environment for all members.

What does the curriculum include? Our curriculum for Respect for Everyone is very closely based on the Project Adventure Education Curriculum, at Auburn High School. We focus on many things within the curriculum. However, there are a few main things that are the core of what our program is about. The majority of activities in Respect for Everyone encompass a core value that is very important to the both of us. Regardless of what activity our students are engaged in, we want them to feel safe in the environment we provide, while challenging themselves both mentally and physically. Our activities focus both on every individual, as well as the group as a whole. We feel that another vital component to this curriculum is the ability for students to feel that they can have their own unique identity, and show it proudly. We believe in the power of diversity, and making sure that our lessons and activities showcase that belief. Colin and I think that EVERY student should have the opportunity to succeed in the educational setting, and our curriculum provides exactly that.

We feel that once this program is implemented, it will be a huge success. Our first group of students will be seventh graders at Auburn Junior High School, in the 2017-2018 school year. As we continue the groundwork for this program, we hope that we will see the change that this program can bring. As this group becomes more successful, and is up on its feet, we encourage surrounding school districts outside of Auburn Enlarged City School District, to implement this program into their schools as well, starting in the 2018-2019 school year. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at .


A huge thank you to the following people who have helped us through this process:

Jon Roberts- Assistant Principal at AJHS

Gerald Salvage- Guidance Counselor at AJHS

Shelly Connors- AHS Physical Education Teacher

Andrea Fusco- AHS English/Journalism Teacher

Tom Schmidt- AHS History Teacher



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